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Trust the doctors at the Desert Care Network to keep you and your family healthy. Part of providing great primary care is ensuring each annual physical assessment is comprehensive and accurate. When you and your family need physical exams in greater Palm Springs, California, you can count on our experienced and caring professionals.

There are many different types of physicals, including general, men’s, sports, and school physicals. Some are required, especially for children in public schools and patients who want to join sports teams. Others, like the annual physical examination for adults, are optional, but they are still very important for maintaining your health. During your assessment, our doctors will look for any unusual, undiagnosed symptoms that might indicate temporary illness or more chronic sickness. If it’s a common ailment, we can typically prescribe a treatment in-office. However, there are cases that require more specialized knowledge. In these instances, we can refer you to one of our specialists where you can find more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment options.

Reasons to Get a Physical Assessment

Whether you are a man getting a male physical, a woman getting an annual physical, or anyone else using our services, you can count on our doctors to keep you healthy. Physical exams should be performed at least once per year for healthy adults, and more often for the chronically ill, children, or elderly. Annual exams help us not only determine your health at the time of your visit, but also allow us to track changes in your health over time. This is a great time to ask any health questions to your doctor so you can have a better understanding of your body and any condition you may have.

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You can also schedule a medical examination if you notice any unusual symptoms. During any exam, we check your vitals and appearance, as well as heart and lung function. If you have symptoms that are not easily explained through these methods, our doctors may perform a mouth swab or draw blood for laboratory tests in order to get a more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Importance of Getting Your Male Physical

Why get a men’s health exam when you are already getting a general annual physical? Just like women need specific women’s wellness exams, men need special attention as well. Our doctors know what to look for in order to keep your reproductive health in good standing. Your reproductive health can affect your overall wellbeing, so getting a male physical is vital to staying healthy.

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