Comprehensive Sports Medicine Solutions

Enjoy playing football, basketball, tennis, or whatever other sport you play the safest way possible by taking advantage of the services at the Desert Care Network serving the greater Coachella Valley area. We not only diagnose and treat sports injuries, but also give you advice on the best ways to avoid injury and proper sports nutrition. In addition, our sports doctor can perform a sports physical that will let you know you risk of injury and what type of shape you are in. All of these services add up to total care for your body while you are playing, which makes you play better and feel better day to day.

Get a Sports Physical Before You Join the Team

Why do you need a sports physical and how is it different than a general physical examination? While the type of physical you would receive from your primary care doctor does give a lot of information about your general health, you need more specific information in order to play your best on a sports team. When you visit us, a sports medicine doctor will check your general health and current fitness level, including strength and flexibility. We also look for and evaluate any existing injuries and any conditions that might increase your risks of getting an injury while practicing or playing. All of these related directly to your ability to play and your chances of getting injured. We can also give you information on how to decrease your risk of injury and be a healthier, more cautious athlete.

Providing Sports Nutrition Resources for Better Overall Health

Count on our sports med professionals to give you all the resources you need to be a better athlete. Physical strength and flexibility are only part of what makes you healthy—the other part is your diet. Depending on what type of sport and position you play, you’ll have a different ideal caloric intake and nutritional balance. Our specialists help you determine what the ideal diet is for your sport and your personal health so you can achieve optimal health.

Sports Medicine Physician to Diagnose and Treat Injuries

Get back in the game as quickly as possible by turning to our professionals. We know sports injuries can be very different than regular injuries, and because we specialize in sports medicine, we are able to treat you quickly and effectively. Our doctors are experienced in finding the source of your injury, and not only treating it but also letting you know how to best avoid another similar injury in the future. Call (844) 560-3277 or use the contact form to the right today to book an appointment, find detailed provider information, office locations, hours, and more.

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