Your Source for Women’s Wellness in Palm Springs, CA

Visit the professionals at the Desert Care Network for your annual women’s exams or for any other women’s wellness services. We understand that a gynecology appointment may not be the most comfortable visit, but we also know how important wellness checkups are for your overall health.

What to Expect at Your Wellness Checkup

If it’s your first time at our women health clinic, or it has just been a while since your last visit, we think it’s important that you know what to expect out of your exam. At your annual women’s wellness exam, your doctor asks questions to find out if you have any undiagnosed symptoms. After that, a breast exam is performed to check for lumps, and a pelvic exam is performed to check the size and location of your reproductive organs. A pap smear may be performed to check for abnormal growths in the uterus and cervix, but this is not necessary to do every year.

Stethoscope on Top of Files

If you have any questions about your period, unusual bleeding or other symptoms, or about birth control options, we are happy to answer them. Our women’s wellness professionals want to have an open dialogue with you so you never have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about taking care of your health.

Why You Should Get an Annual Women’s Wellness Exam

Count on our medical staff to help you maintain good health. Part of your overall health is your reproductive health. Getting an annual exam is important because it allows doctors to catch any problems early and prevent them from getting worse. Issues like breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer can be better treated if they are caught in the early stages. We also test for STDs and help manage them properly. We have several doctors and locations available for your convenience, so call 844-560-3277 today to book an appointment, find detailed provider information, office locations, hours, and more, or you may complete the form to the right.

Contact us today by calling 844-560-3277 in order to learn more about our women’s wellness services. We proudly treat patients in and around Coachella Valley and Palm Springs, California.